Friday, February 6, 2009

Of Pool And Photos.

Obvious Fact Of The Day: Monsters + Cupcakes + No Supervision + Camera = Lots of strange pictures with rather odd faces.

So...I'm horrible. I slept in through Chem yet again. I just lacked the motivation to get my butt out of bed and into a chair in room 214. It's a problem for me. Ha ha but I didn't really miss anything important...just an intro to Chapter 4 is what I was told. But it was worth it. I had a crazy dream about Logan. I honestly don't remember what exactly it was about, but I remember that he was in it. Man, I miss that kid. He's supa-fly! :) Anywho...I did wake up in time for my ballroom technique class. We were supposed to learn the short side of the Tango, but we just ended up going over counts and such the whole time. I feel so smart in there right now though just because I know the boy's part so I give tips to the boys in the class that are getting kinda confused on how certain pieces work. Not gonna lie...I'm actually kinda good at teaching it. I just
feel more comfortable with the technique I guess. I dunno...

Anyway, I ended up chillin with Jose and Kayla (one of the girls on tour team) for like 3 hours today after technique class. I had every intention of going running, but I ended up just playing pool and making fun of pretty much everyone in sight. It was a blasty though! I'm thinkin Kayla and I are gonna be buddies too. Which is pretty sweet cuz she's awesome! But after that, I ended up going in to work to cover the closing host shift for one of the other hostesses because it's her birthday this weekend so she wanted to be with her family. So after I got cut (at like 9:30!!), I drove over to the Institute building to meet Des and Chesha at the "Break Your Media Fast Dance". It was actually pretty fun. I ran into Tyson (who got cut like ten minutes before I did) and Ben Booth. Well actually Ben technically ran into me. Or really shimmied into me...shocker. Ha. We ended up getting kinda sick of dancing so we headed home real quick to grab our swim suits and then went on over to Cascade Springs and had some chocolate cupcakes and Monster energy drinks. Mind you, it was like 11 already. Maybe not the best idea ever. But only maybe. So anyway, I ended up talking to Weston and Scott about the Miss SUU pageant that had gone on earlier in the evening. Honestly, I think I maybe would have had a relatively good shot at placing in it from the sounds of things. But oh well. Maybe next year. Also, Aaron came and brought this one kid with him that was kinda weird. He kept touching Des and Chesha and Taely. It kinda made me cringe every time too. Icky.

After we were sick of swimming, Chesha and I decided we wanted to play a game of pool. That game turned into like 2 hours of talking and playing and teaching Des how to play...and a photoshoot. Ha we had some crazy funny pictures from that one. It is currently 5:30 in the morning as I'm writing this...yeah, that's how long we've been playing! Man, I'm going to hate life at work this afternoon. And tonight. Or tomorrow night...whatever the logic is in that one.


lvs2dance said...

you crazy kid! I love that you are having such a blast at College! You sound just like me when I was your age! How is ballroom going? ARe you loving it? You totally should have done the pageant...definetly go for it next year! I miss you and am glad that you are back to the blogging thing. It makes me so homesick to read your lingo....sigh.

dancing is just me said...

oh that sounded so much fun and you guys are crazy kids! why didn;t you do the pagent well i'm glad that your now posting your blog now!well bye bye!:)
love sienna meek
aka- jennylynn's daughter